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Hello - Thanks for visiting. If you have recently lost a loved one, I would first like to say that I am very sorry for your loss.
I wish I could say something to take away the pain... but I can't.

I've been creating memorial pictures for people since 1998. I made the first one for myself after my father passed away. Back then, I thought Jesus and the idea of Heaven were just fairy tales, but over the years I've come to know better. After much research into the authenticity of the New Testament, I've come to believe that Jesus and Heaven are very real.

I found so much peace when I created that first picture of my dad with Jesus. I hope I can help you find some peace also.

I created my first memorial after my dad passed away very unexpectedly.
I felt a peaceful healing of my inner-being when I saw him with Jesus.



My name is Barry Barnes and I’m a real person. I work honestly with each of my customers one on one. I’m very accessible. Just email me at if you have any questions. I check my email several times a day and promise to answer your email within 24 hours.

Basically, it works like this: I specialize in creating custom memorial pictures using your photos of your loved ones. But for pets, I have hundreds of generic memorial pictures already made that I can change to have your pet's name and other personal information. I had been selling my pictures on eBay exclusively for years but have become increasingly frustrated with the difficulty in communicating directly with my customers though eBay's messaging system. I have now closed my eBay store and I am moving all my inventory to this site. I do still have some offerings on eBay and want to keep my account active mainly for people to be able to see my 100% feedback record and comments from my customers.

Please read the testimonials from my customers. Many bereaved people have been helped through the healing process by the visualization of their loved ones in Heaven with Jesus. I know it helped me when my father passed away.

Pet Memorials
"God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in Heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there."  Rev Billy Graham


Please Check Out My 100% Feedback Reputation on eBay!

Look at my feedback comments to see what kind of customer service I deliver. I love creating these pictures and I want you to love your picture. I will be in constant email contact with you once you order. You will send your picture(s) to me by email and I will send you copies of your memorial picture as I work on it until you tell me that you "love" it. If you have your own vision of what your memorial picture should be, just let me know what you would like. My best ideas come from my customers. Please read the testimonials at the bottom of this page.


*Pictures are shown with Frames (Not Included)

My Pet Memorials make a unique and loving gift for someone who is grieving. I know we will be with our pets again in Heaven. The Bible says that there will be no more sorrow in Heaven. I believe the Bible so I know that all my loved ones will be there because I would be full of sorrow and Heaven just wouldn't be Heaven for me without my "Best Animal Friends" there.

In Memory of Your Best Friends

*Pictures are shown with Frames (Not Included)

Honoring Your Best Friends

I’ve been helping people cope with the loss of their beloved animal friends by creating personalized custom pet memorial tribute pictures to remember and honor their best friends. Every picture is different and special for each person because I use your picture of your pet and your verse or poem. You can write a verse or poem yourself or you can find one in a book or on the Internet. Be prepared to cry if you search and read the many different verses and poems that people have written.

*Pictures are shown with Frames (Not Included)

I am an animal lover myself. My wife and I have 5 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird and 4 goats. They are our children. Unfortunately, most of us have gone through the pain of losing a pet. Nothing can totally take the pain away but my pictures have helped many people deal with their loss in a positive, healing manner. Let me create a beautiful pet memorial picture for your beloved friend. Each pet memorial is a unique work of art that you will love and cherish forever. I personally guarantee it or your money back.

Remembrance Tribute To Your Best Friends

*Pictures are shown with Frames (Not Included)

Rainbow Bridge

*Pictures are shown with Frames (Not Included)

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

It's not done until you tell me you "love" it!

Great Gift for Someone You Love


Pet memorial pictures are a great way to remember your best friend. I have been doing these pictures for my customers for more than 15 years now. In some cases the pictures prove to be very therapeutic as they help people get through the grieving process. Some people actually order a picture of their pet in Heaven with Jesus. And why not? Could it really be Heaven if it doesn’t include your favorite animal friends? I can take your favorite outdoor scene (heavenly picture) and put your pet in it with special heavenly effects. You can also include your favorite verse or saying at no extra charge.

I will send you a proof of your picture for your approval before printing.

I can create whatever you can come up with. You are only limited by your imagination!

Thank you for visiting and may God bless you and yours today.


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Hello Barry

We got our print back today. I had Michaels custom frame it and wanted you to see it. It looks even better in person. Thank you again.

Delores D.

Please read these testimonials from my customers:

From eBay - WOW, Beautiful, Seller Goes That Extra Mile To Make You Happy 5***** All The Way

 - Dolores D.

No words can express my happiness on how wonderful this turned

out. It is perfect. I couldn’t have expected better!!! For

anyone who has lost a loved one be it pet or person, your work

will no doubt be a comforting gift to them they will treasure

and share. My Prayers will be with you in your endeavors. God


BLESS YOU AND YOURS for the Gift you give others in your work.
Thank you again so much.

–Bradford P.

I think it was you that did a picture for me about 3 years ago

- of my dog Dakota – anyway – It was with that picture that I

was finally able to start my recovery from the grief that I had

suffered. The picture hangs over my dresser it is the last

thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning.

Cowboys picture will hang beside it… Thank you for such an

awesome service that you do.

Lori C.


Got it. Thank you so much for this service. The picture is


May the heavenly Father bless you abundantly for your service

to others on earth.

With heartfelt thanks

-Courtney L.

“Dear Heavenly Images,

Thank you so much for the joy that my grandmom got when she got the photo of my dad (her son). She cried (happy tears). The photo seemed to have brought her out of her shell. She was so withdrawn, but since receiving her photo of my dad & Jesus she has come out of the house twice…I give all praises to God.”

S. H.

Thank you for your wonderful idea of “Loved Ones with Jesus”. What a unique gift idea!

-E. W.

Thank you for the beautiful picture. I will keep you in my prayers.

-B. G.

I have the pictures of my mom and dad on my desk at work and almost everyone who sees them asks where they can get pictures like that. Please send more brochures…I thank God for your work.

-H. V.

Would just like to say once again, the pictures you did for me were terrific.

-H. L.

What a wonderful gift this is going to be for my friends.

-S. M.

I love my picture of my son and Jesus. I will always cherish them. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you have done.

-C. R.

What a terrific idea to put those beautiful words on George’s photo. Thank you.

-A .P.

I want to thank you so much for doing this. I lost my mother 7 months ago. This picture makes me feel more at ease.

-M .S.

Thank you for the great images I get when I look at Alice’s picture. God bless.

-C .A.

I was very pleased with my pictures of my grandson. He is going into the ministry. Please pray for him and his young bride as they try to serve the Lord Jesus.

-E. G.

I had pictures done from you a couple of months ago of my son who was killed in a car accident in 1999. They were so beautiful. I will cherish them forever.

-C. R.

Thank you so much. I have already placed one order with you. Your work is so beautiful. It made someone I love very happy. Now I want to make someone else happy also. God bless you.

-S. A.

Thank you so much for the beautiful picture you did for my pastor’s mother. He loved it. He cried…

-E. K.

Thank you for the beautiful ideas to help people cope with their loss.

-D. P.


Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

Sadly, everyone who cares for a pet will one day face the illness, old age or passing of their beloved animal friend. It is as natural and necessary to grieve for the loss of a pet as it is for any loved one who dies. And it is important to have compassion and support in one's time of grief.

Helping Your Child with the Loss of a Pet

Facing the death of a family pet can be one of the most traumatic events in a child's young life. Understand that your child may feel a variety of emotions-from emptiness and sadness to guilt and anger at friends whose pets are still alive. Your children may worry that the animal's death is their fault, and may wonder what happens to animals after they die. Some kids may even worry that other children and classmates will ridicule them for loving their pet so much.

Here are a few activities that may help your child deal with his or her grief:

·         It may help some children to draw a picture of their pet, or write a letter to their pet.

·         Sometimes it can help to have a memorial service, including the entire family and friends who knew your pet. If you have a backyard, you can plant a tree or flowers in your pet's honor. Your children may want to help you plan this.

·         It may make some children better to keep something that their pet really loved-such as a collar, tag or favorite toy.

·         You and your child can gather up photographs of your pet to make into a photo album. This can be arranged chronologically, starting with pictures of when the animal was a baby. Your child can also include information about your pet's favorite toys, treats and things to do.

·         Sitting down with the family and sharing memories of your pet can make your children sad--but it can make them laugh, too, and will help your child understand that everyone is feeling the loss as well.

·         Although your child may not feel like it, it can help to engage in his or her regular activities-such as going to practice or rehearsal after school, playing outside or going for a bike ride.

 Give your child a book on pet loss

1)Life and Loss: A Guide to Help Grieving Children, Linda Goldman;

2)Accelerated Development; Taylor & Francis Group, (800) 821-8312; 1994

3)Because of Flowers and Dancers, Sandra S. Brackenridge; Veterinary Practice Publishing Co.; 1994.

4)Dog Heaven, Cat Heaven, Cynthia Rylant; The Blue Press; Scholastic, Inc.,

5)Desser the Best Ever Cat, Maggie Smith; Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.; 2001

6)Goodbye Mousie, Robie H. Harris; Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing,

7)Grunt, Suzanne Schlossberg, Tamberrino, Centering Corporation; 2001

8)Jasper's Day, Marjorie Blain Parker; Kids Can Press Ltd.; 2002

9)Saying Goodbye to Lulu, Corinne Demas; Little, Brown and Company; 2004

A Dog's Purpose
(from a 6-year-old).

Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners,

Ron, his wife Lisa, and their little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle.

I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home.  

As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience.  

The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker 's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away.  

The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without

any difficulty or confusion. We sat together for a while after Belker's Death, wondering aloud about the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives.  

Shane, who had been listening quietly, piped up, ''I know why.''   Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I'd never heard a more comforting explanation. It has changed the way I try and live.   He said,''People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life -- like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?'' The Six-year-old continued,

''Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long.''  

Here are a few things we can learn from dogs...

Live simply.


Love generously.


Care deeply.


Speak kindly.


Remember, if a dog was the teacher you would learn things like:


When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.


Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.


Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure Ecstasy.


Take naps.


Stretch before rising.


Run, romp, and play daily.


Thrive on attention and let people touch you.


Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.


On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass.


On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.


When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.


Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.


Be loyal.


Never pretend to be something you're not.


If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.


When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently.


There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. So, love the people who treat you right. Think good thoughts for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of LIFE...Getting back up is LIVING...

Have a great life.


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